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The number of parishes and missions have increased over the years. Today we have 25 parishes and missions (with 9 of these added since 2000). Currently

we have almost 80 churches in the Diocese. 64 of these new churches have been constructed since 2000.

Take a look!


1962 St Peter’s Lorugum
1964 Good Shepherd Kakuma
1968 St Joseph’s Loarengak
1969 St Augustine’s Cathedral Parish Lodwar
1969 St Dennis Kataboi
1969 St Lawrence Nakwamoru
1973 St Marks Lokitaung
1975 Immaculate Conception Katilu
1977 Our Lady of Sorrows Oropoi **
1991 St Daniel Comboni Lokori
1993 Holy Family Kanamkemer
1993 St Kizito Turkwell
1993 All Saints Kainuk
1995 St Johns Lokichoggio
1996 St Mary’s Kalokol
1998 St James / Lobur Mission (2009) Kaikor
2000 Christ the King Lokichar
2001 Holy Cross Kakuma Refugee Camp
2002 St Stephens Losajait
2002 Nariokotome Mission
2003 Risen Christ Nakwamekwi
2004 St Gabriels Kangatosa
2006 Our Lady Queen of Peace Todonyang
2006 Sts Timothy & Titus Kaeris
2009 St Dominic Kerio
2010 St Benedicts ** (Oropoi) Kalobeyei


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žIn 2000 only 5 departments were located centrally at Diocesan
Administration Offices with 3 others at the Cathedral Parish. 12 years ago
there was 1 computer in the Diocese of Lodwar Offices – today we have
approximately 50

In 2000 staff at Diocesan offices were about 15 staff located in one
building. Today the number is almost 60 staff in 5 different buildings!

From October 2010 there has been a restructuring exercise at Diocese of
Lodwar so as to ensure the following in our work:

  • Efficiency
  • Effectiveness 
  • Improved service delivery
  • Maximum use of resources
  • Good practices
  • Management of time
  • Management of human and material resources
  • Good Stewardship